Gumball clean

GumBlaster from SoftWash Platoon not only helps businesses and institutions look better, but it improves their image and bottom line by increasing the number of customers.

Concrete Sidewalk Gum Removal

GumBlaster from SoftWash Platoon can remove the gum from the sidewalk in front of your store. We use a environmentally friendly non chemical process to break the gum down and leave you with a nice clean walkway to greet your customers. 

Graffiti and Sticker/Decal Removal Service

GumBlaster from SoftWash Platoon also removes all types of Graffiti from hard surfaces and any adhesive backed decals and stickers from any hard surface.

The bottom line is that our patented gum removal method out-performs the traditional methods of scraping, harsh chemicals and power washing which can be disruptive to business and pedestrian traffic.

Sidewalk Gum Removal Service

GumBlaster removes gum from virtually any surface - indoors or out. Soiled carpets, flooring, upholstery, furniture and pavements can be quickly restored.

Service Information

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  • Number of Cleaners :2
  • Visiting Hours :9 am- 5 pm
  • Contact :610-494-8490
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