Cedar Roof Cleaning

How Often Should Cedar Shingles be Cleaned?

Ideally, cedar roof shingles should be cleaned every 3-5 years, preferably during the mid-spring or early fall — after the last of the winter weather or before the fall of the autumn leaves.

Why Do You Need to Clean Cedar Shingles?

The biggest threat to the quality of your cedar shingles is the growth of organisms along the surface of the wood. If the shingles turn from a fresh or silvery cedar color to a dark brown or black tone, it is time to have your roof cleaned by a professional.

Depending on your roof warranty, you may be legally required to have the shingles cleaned on an annual basis.
In any case, the quality and appearance of your cedar roof depend on routine cleanings.

Softwash Platoon Cedar Roof

How we Clean Cedar Roof Shingles

We use a solution of sodium or calcium hypochlorite mixed with water and surfactant. As the mildew and algae are killed, they are removed by several factors, light rinsing while we are there, rain, wind and time. 

Please note; it may take several weeks to months for all of the organisms to come off your roof. We never mechanically remove items either by hand or by pressure washer. Doing this may lead to shortening the life of your shingles. 

Cedar Roof Cleaning

  • Price :$By the Square foot
  • Cleaning Hours :4 to 16 Hours
  • Number of Cleaners :02 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :9.00 am - 5.00 pm
  • Contact :610-494-8490
  • E-mail :customerservice@softwashplatoon.com
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Frequently Ask Questions

Question; How long does it take for my roof to come clean? That depends on how bad your roof is when we clean it. We do not remove the moss and other items that have grown on your roof, we treat / kill them so when they die they release their bond and fall off. We will rinse the roof off while we are there but it may take weeks and or months for all of the organisms to complete go away.

Question; What if it has been a few months and there are still some spots that are not clean? Call us, If you need an additional spot treatment after a sufficient amount of time has passed we will come back and do a spot treatment to remove the leftover marks. 

We use the latest in technology for our industry. We are always at trade shows, training and interacting with industry specialists and peers to insure we have the best information and equipment. 

Who is coming to service your property?

We use Ask the Seal to Verify and check our employees so you can trust who is coming to work on your property. (http://asktheseal.com/)

Many companies who claim to be licensed, insured and bonded are not.

Many companies who claim to perform criminal background checks on their employees do not.

If you hire an unlicensed company and an employee hurts themselves on your property or your property is damaged, your insurance company may deny the claim leaving you holding the bag.

You can be fined up to $5,000 for hiring an unlicensed contractor whether you knew it or not.

Many criminals use their employment to find their next victim.

Every day companies large and small introduce dangerous felons into unsuspecting consumers lives.

Many consumers think they are safe if someone is home with them when the service person is there. In fact, many crimes are committed up to six months after the service call.

Many Companies do not have the correct liability insurance and workman’s comp to work on roofs and gutters.

Company Verification:
Service Technician Identification:
  • Uniformed Employees
  • Clearly Marked trucks
  • Employees with picture ID Name Badges
  • DMV License Check
  • Random Drug Tests