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Concrete and Stone and Paver Cleaning

SW Gum clean pic before and after
Stone before with mold and algae
Stone after softwashing
Drivit stuccoBefore with Rust Stains
Drivit stucco after softwashing
Paver patio before and after cleanin
Concrete Window sill before softwash
Concrete window sill after softwash
Concrete building before softwashing
Concrete building after softwashing
garage before
garage after
wall cleaning
Concrete surfaces can be unsightly from many types of stains. 


SoftWashing Removes:  

Black Algae, Green Algae, Mold, Mildew, Rust and Lime/Calcium stains can be cleaned with out pressure washing. 

This is what SoftWashing is. Non-invasive, Non-damaging cleaning with a chemical solution that has long lasting effects because the organisms and bacteria that is causing the staining is cleaned and killed at the same time. There is no splashing of dirt or debris to other areas. The concrete cleaning service takes less time. There is a longer lasting effect because the surface is disinfected of any growing organisms that cause staining. 


Pressure Washing Uses: 

High pressure and high temperature pressure washing maybe needed for some surfaces. The SoftWashing will be done first to kill the algae, rust and grease as a  pre treatment. 


Surface Cleaner:  A Commercial Grade  Surface Cleaner connected to a Commercial Grade Hot Water Pressure Washer  will be used to minimize spraying dirt to other areas and eliminate sweep marks for a clean even finish. The surface cleaner provides a deeper and more uniform clean without the hideous zebra strips. Rotating nozzles beneath a 20" or larger disc allows us to clean large areas in a fraction of the time, so you can get on with your day.  


Stains are Gone: 


There are many things that can be preventing your concrete from looking its best. Such as mold, moss, oil, red clay and rust. SoftWash Platoon has the correct equipment and training to  remove these stains and bringing the surface back to life. Each stain needs to be treated with a detergent that is formulated for its specific composition. Pressure washing concrete with hot water and the right cleaning solution, will give far better results than the traditional method of concrete cleaning. 

We can remove chewing gum, oil, grease, rust and battery acid stains on driveways, garage floors, sidewalks and patios. Penetrating Sealers can be added to help the surface repel water which will crack the surface during the freeze/thaw cycle of the winter climate. Penetrating sealer will help the concrete repel future stains from absorbing deep into the surface. Color staining can be added before the sealer to improve the appearance. 

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