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To eliminate these organisms you don't need high pressure, you need a system and process.

Organisms are growing on your property!


GumBlaster from SoftWash Platoon not only helps businesses and institutions look better, but it improves

Roof Cleaning

Black Algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) moss and lichen are eating your roof shingles and causing black

Fence Cleaning

Wood or Plastic, Softwash Platoon can  clean and in a lot of cases restore your

Gutter Brightening

SoftWash Platoon can scrub the outside of your gutters to remove algae, dirt and drip

Stucco and Brick Cleaning

Stucco requires a slighty different approach than just high pressure washing. Even though it is

Deck Cleaning and Staining

Your deck is part of your living space. If you pressure wash it it may

Composite Deck Cleaning

SoftWash Platoon safely cleans and sanitizes composite decks with no damage from pressure washing. Quality

Cedar Roof Cleaning

How Often Should Cedar Shingles be Cleaned? Ideally, cedar roof shingles should be cleaned every

Window Cleaning

Outside glass only, scrubbed with soft bristle brush with mineral free pure- water rinse for

Why choose Softwash Platoon over other cleaning options?

Our pledge is to pass on a clean, healthy environment.


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners are water based and contain no solvents or phosphates.


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners breakdown into carbon within 20 days of their introduction into the environment.


Were focused on of using as little fossil fuel based energy as possible. Our primary cleaning equipment is powered by a bank of 12 volt DC batteries supplied by power our trucks create driving from job to job.


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners are non-hazardous and do not require any special handling or storage precautions.

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